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If you are under the age of 18, and you are hanging out with people in their early to late twenties or older, and you decide you want to have sex with them, you have to be honest about your age. Maybe they won’t care either way and that is fine but they HAVE TO BE AWARE OF THE RISK THEY ARE TAKING. We can sit here and complain about laws but no matter how much you complain they still exist and can still WRECK PEOPLE’S LIVES. It is incredibly fucking selfish if you lie about your age to someone who could have sex offender tagged to them for having sex with you, and not only that, IT IS RAPE. It is entirely non consensual. Just as you don’t fuck an intoxicated person because were they sober they might not have wanted to, by having sex and lying about something that could put someone in jail you are fucking over a community that is supposed to be built on trust.
If you are so excited to be an adult, take some responsibility and act like one.