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Deathrats @ La Casa | 1-13-12 | Last Show (Whole Set)

I really miss this band.  I was lucky enough to see them twice before they broke up.  It’s too bad they only released two 7”s.

Self Obsessed

Deathrats- “Self Obsessed”

I can’t get over the fact that you believe it’s legit
To use that fact that you’re feeling bad to treat everyone around you like shit
Too self obsessed to maintain friendships or even just be nice
It would simply drain your energy to look me in the eyes
You take pride in calling out others for failing to meet your standards
That’s cool, we all do it, but what I don’t understand is
How you can crucify others for acting just like you
And all you really do is talk shit and glare from across the room
Its clear you’re fucking miserable, woe is you, its tragic,
And on top, you’re less accountable? Get over yourself, I’ve had it
So what is your excuse?
Do you really have it that bad?

Girl Style

Deathrats- “Girl Style”