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karapassey reblogged your post: 15% off all custom button/magnet/keychain orders. LAST DAY of SALE!

like Derek a lot, buy his buttons.

awww :)

Mar 8

karapassey replied to your photo: My first of many train pictures this week

you’re my favourite person.

awww :) You’re awesome!

Mar 1
Tumblr Crushes:

Tumblr Crushes:

karapassey replied to your photo: This is my “I wish my copies at Kinkos would hurry…

you look like you need a coffee and a hug.

yes please

karapassey replied to your video: Screaming Females - “It All Means Nothing” music…

Awesome song. Also music videos centred around cats are always good in my books.

I agree to both points.

karapassey replied to your photo: Lesson #456 I learned on tour: I can’t sleep in…

Ugh I can’t sleep during any type of transportation. I also can’t read, it just makes me ill. The worst.
that was lesson #455 that I learned.  I also can’t read in the van and it sucks :(

karapassey replied to your post: Two weeks until I move!!!

You will have to give me your new address so I can mail cookies and mixtapes there!


karapassey replied to your post: karapassey replied to your photo: Ramen at 3am…

I totally watched both of those tonight! If I wasn’t so awkward I would suggest we could skype and watch tv shows together some time.

I see what you did there haha :)  I’ve never skype-watched tv shows with someone before.

karapassey replied to your photo: Ramen at 3am (Taken with instagram)

This is what i want right now… but I’m lazy. This is when I wish I had teleporting skills.

That would be awesome! Then you could watch The Office and Parks and Recreation with me.

karapassey replied to your post: man, would cookies make it to you in the mail? how long do cookies last? i want to bake you some.

well, when the records come and I get your address, I will have to give it a shot!

Awesome! Also, just in case you didn’t see this on that post “DEREK! Tell Kara to put them in a ziploc bag and squeeze out all the air, then closeit. Mail cookies will taste fresh for at least a week and a half this way.